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Web Design


Web Design

I have over seven years of Internet development experience and have been working in the computer industry for nine years, originally as a mainframe programmer.

While I have some experience working with a few WYSIWYG editors, I prefer to write my own code using a text editor (TextPad) then validating my HTML using CSE HTML Validator. I find this combination of tools to be advantageous when it comes to working within files that contain server side programming as well as offering better control over layout and cleaner code to make maintenance easier and more efficient. I have extensive knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work and what can be worked around in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator. Since I originally started out as a mainframe programmer, I have no problem working within server side code and can perform some light programming when needed. I also have experience with relational databases due to the nature of how web sites are set up in my current position as well as from my prior work as a programmer.

Below are some examples of web sites that I have created for my current employer. Technically, they are all the same web site as we create "private labeled" versions of our core web site for clients. This involves building a custom set of wrapper files that are included with the core files depending on the user's log in as well as which home page the user goes to put that client's site in session. As a result, a lot of these designs have similar elements.

My previous employer also created private labeled web sites. Their system for developing the front end was a lot more flexible than what I have to work with now so I was able to build more creative designs. Unfortunately, they are no longer in businss and my portfolio from that period went with them. Lesson learned: Capture screen shots when you work for a startup company.

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